Director of Admissions - Play a Vital Role in Finding & Developing

Registered Nurses

The admissions professional who wants to create and implement the
processes that will fuel the success of our admissions department can do so
now as Director of Admissions for Chamberlain College of Nursing in St.
Louis. This is an excellent opportunity for you to incorporate your
vision and put your personal stamp on a key campus position. A hands-on
manager, you´ll lead the efforts of six direct reports, including
Assistant/Associate Directors of Admission and support staff. Highly visible
within the organization you will collaborate extensively with peers in
the Financial Aid, Registrar´s office and PR/Marketing to create the
programs that will allow you to meet or exceed your student enrollment
goals. What makes your position so vital, to both Chamberlain and the
nation? We´ll need more than one million new and replacement nurses by
2012, a statistic that´s made Registered Nursing, for the first time, the
top occupation in terms of job growth through the year 2012. Yet the
capacity to educate and train new nurses is lacking. More than 15,000
students were turned away from U.S. nursing schools last year due to lack
of space. This is your chance to help turn the tide.

Chamberlain College of Nursing is launching from a solid and
historical, 120-year educational foundation of preparing compassionate,
knowledgeable, and clinically proficient graduates. Formerly known as Deaconess
College of Nursing, the newly named Chamberlain College of Nursing is
fueled by the ingenuity of a progressive and expansive nursing program.
First established in 1889, the school evolved from a diploma school of
nursing to a college of nursing, offering both ASN and BSN degrees. In
March 2005, DeVry Inc. acquired Deaconess. A term of the acquisition
agreement is that DeVry´s use of the Deaconess name will expire as of
September 30, 2006, thus requiring a new name. The new name Chamberlain
exemplifies the strength and solid, historical foundation of Deaconess,
while positioning the school for future growth. Derived from the Middle
English word Chamberlain, which means chief steward, the name also
alludes to the critical role of the nurse as the central steward and
coordinator of patient care.

As our Director of Admissions, your first mission - unless you have
prior admissions experience from a school of nursing - will be gaining
product knowledge; i.e., learning about the nursing world, what it takes
to be a nurse and how applying to a nursing school is different for
candidates who wish to enroll. You´ll direct the efforts of staff in these
critical areas to meet your ultimate goal of having students begin
their schooling:

1. Monitor lead sources and ensuring that your Admissions Advisors
promptly follow up on them. 2. Schedule interviews with prospective
students and enter this data into the Oracle CRM system. 3. Monitor the
application process of the enrollees to ensure that applications are fully
and properly completed. 4. Train staff and create accurate and compelling
phone scripts that contain up-to-date information about Chamberlain
and about nursing schools. Your department´s goal is to accurately
qualify students to ensure that they meet Chamberlain’s and state and federal
admissions criteria
We’ll also look to you for creative strategies that will help your
staff bring the highest quality of candidate - referral leads, which have a
higher percentage of start rates. Such strategies can include
phone-a-thons, open houses, on and off site campus events, and outreach
programs to St. Louis area high schools, designed to familiarize students with
the college. This is a highly autonomous position that is ideally
suited for an energetic, proactive and creative individual who knows how to
recruit, to sell and to persuasively communicate with others.

To apply for this position or refer someone you know, please use our
online interview system managed by Accolo:

Once you have completed the interview, your information will be
forwarded to the hiring authority for decisions on next steps.

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